Staying Fit When it Gets Cold Out

Just because the temperatures drop shouldn’t mean healthy habits need to go down the drain! Summer seems easy to be healthy given all of the fresh fruit, perfect weather for swimming or evening runs, and the fact that a majority of the time spent was constantly doing something active and rarely eating out of boredom. But, don’t forget about all of those ice cream excursions and late-night snacks… it’s not much worse than Christmas cookies and too much pie at Thanksgiving. This fall and winter, don’t feel discouraged! Staying healthy even as you start to bundle up and drink hot chocolate by the fire is not an impossible feat.


1. Take up hiking // When the leaves are changing and the weather is a little chilly, it’s the perfect time to round up your friends or grab your boyfriend for an impromptu hike. There are a ton of trails scattered around most cities, so Google a few places you can walk around for an hour or so! It’s always fun to enjoy the scenery and burning calories while you’re at it is just an extra bonus.

2. Hit the slopes // If you live somewhere that it snows, skiing, snowboarding, and cross country skiing are all fun day activities that burn a ton of calories while feeling like such little work! (Okay, not really cross country skiing, that one is hard…). Even if you’ve never skied, it’s such a fun experience that everyone should try out at least once. Take a friend and go to a lesson on a Saturday or two!

3. Be helpful // Offering to rake the leaves or shovel snow does wonders with your parents and wonders for your arms, too. It’s really a win-win for everyone.

4. Get a a new hobby // Start hitting up your local Lululemon for Saturday morning yoga with friends, or try out a kickboxing membership! If you have fun exercising, you’ll not only feel good after you do it, but you’ll look forward to it, too!

When you find yourself on your fifth Christmas cookie this December, or third slice of pie after Thanksgiving dinner, just remember: you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, and on holidays, we are all probably right there with you. But this doesn’t mean treats aren’t meant to be treats, and we should all find a few ways to stay healthy and fit this fall and winter.