Adventure in the Adirondacks

For those craving something other than the typical beach scene, the Adirondacks are a fantastic vacation destination. The lake life offers a plethora of activities to cool off, minus all of the uncomfortable sand. Located in upstate New York, the mountains provide beautiful scenery for excursions, and quaint little shops when you’re looking to hit the town.

Lake Life

Regardless of which lake you stay on, the water sports are a blast. There’s everything from tubing, to knee boarding, to water skiing. For those that aren’t into the water sports, canoes and kayaks are permitted on the lake, for leisurely rides or even fishing.


There are a ton of mountains with designated hiking trails in the area. The hikes can range from anywhere from 1/2 to 2 miles, with varying inclines. There really is something for all levels

Town Life

When in the Adirondacks, it is a must to visit King of the Frosties. This is a two time trip. Once for ice cream, and once for brunch. It’s the best food in town and it’s impossible to make the trip without this stop. Additionally, there are lots of small, locally owned boutiques in the area. The Nest and Black Eyed Susan’s are always a favorite.

The upstate vacation is the absolute perfect change of pace from beach vacations. It brings an entirely new perspective to being on the water, and is an absolute must for any travel bucket list.