College Tour Series: College of Charleston

The Campus: Charleston’s astonishing campus really can’t be beat. The department offices are old-time Charleston houses, and you’ll constantly see colorful bikes all over campus! Charleston even has a saying about its lovely greenery, “Who needs Ivy when you have Spanish moss?” The main focus of the campus is the cistern, where you’ll enter through for orientation, and exit through for graduation. There are always students studying, painting, or even basking in the sun in the cistern courtyard while school is in session.

By: Adrienne James

The Student Life: About 10,000 undergraduates, and 1,200 graduates attend the College of Charleston, making it a mid-sized, urban university. Their colors are maroon and white and their mascot is Clyde, the cougar. While there is no football team, a sad truth for Southern girls, they do pour their heart and soul into baseball and basketball, always gathering a plentiful crowd for these occasions. Charleston has 23 NCAA Division 1 sports team (even a sailing team!), 24 club sports teams, 30 intramural sports, and even some extra fun activities like kayaking and yoga.

There are 14 fraternities and 13 sororities on campus, which are all heavily involved in the social, service, and academic portions of the college. 22.6% of women join sororities, and 16.4% of men join fraternities. This makes it a good fit for the go-Greek-or-go-home type, as well as the people who may feel Greek life isn’t for them.

The Academics: College of Charleston has 6 different undergraduate schools: including the arts, business, social sciences, language, education/health, math & science, and the Honors College as well as graduate school. They have 59 majors and 73 minors within these schools.

The City: Charleston’s city life is amazing. The shopping, the dining, the beautiful scenery…the list goes on. All of this and more is right at the fingertips of any student who enrolls at C of C. Not only opportunities for fun, but also opportunities for jobs and internships arise more commonly in this setting. The Medical University of South Carolina is just down the road from the college, which is a definite perk for those looking to go into that field. There are also lots of businesses looking for interns, and opportunities in the arts.

The Housing: Dorms at Charleston are suite style, besides one hall. Off campus living is expensive, because of the city life and the campus’s close proximity to all the hustle and bustle. 92% of all first-year students choose on campus housing.