Conquering the Common Cold in College

By Emily Winter

There’s no putting this nicely. Being sick… well it sucks. And when you’re knee-deep in tissues and suddenly out of DayQuil, then it really sucks. Being sick at home is one thing. Often with a stocked pantry and caring family members around, it’s easier to relax and focus on recovery when you’re in a real home environment. In college, it’s harder. Between contacting professors when you miss class, dragging yourself to health services, and trying to seek comfort in dining hall food, getting sick in college (or anywhere else away from home) is frankly just annoying. When this does happen (and it most likely will) here are a couple of tips that are necessary to get through the pain and on the road to a healthy recovery.

Stock up, sooner rather than later // Always have medicine ready to go. Like ALWAYS. Whether it’s December or July, have some cold meds and cough drops on hand. That way when you are ill, you won’t waste energy going to store when you could be resting (and watching Netflix!).


Give your professors a heads up // Let coaches, teachers, and professors know that you’re out and more importantly, why you’re not there. That way they can help you catch up when you’re back in action, knowing that you weren’t just playing hooky for the day.


Prepare // Have some preparatory supplies ready for when you’re not sick but your floor mates are. Nothing is worse than when your roommate is ill and you’re just simply waiting for that common cold to hit. Stock up on Lysol, Airborne, Emergen-C, etc. That way you can protect yourself to the best of your ability from everyone else’s sickness.


Resort to Elementary School // We’ve heard it since day one: wash your hands, sneeze into your arm, don’t share drinks & food. Listen to that advice. Use those elementary tips to keep yourself (and your other fellow friends!) healthy and illness free.