Georgetown Tour

Located in the nation’s capital, Georgetown University offers endless opportunities, whether it’s taking a weekend to explore DC or hold an internship with local organizations (does the white house have any openings?). It’s pristine rigor and distinguished demeanor is evident when you first step foot on its 104 acre campus. It is so easy to overlook the fact that Georgetown accepts 17% of applicants because of its beautiful, breathtaking campus. Since being established in 1789, Georgetown has sustained its rich history, standing as the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution in the United States. The ambiance was so energetic and everyone was so amicable. Walking around campus, it was hard not to feel like a Hoya at heart. It is so lively and vibrant, especially in the fall. The leaves were changing while students were buzzing. The students were so involved whether it was academics or athletics. A club fair proved the commitment of students to their prized organizations. Most walked around sporting Georgetown gear and chanting “Hoya Saxa” when it was deemed necessary. The food also proved itself to be delicious. The campus dining hall exuded endless options, accommodating every taste bud. All and all, Georgetown exceeded its expectation as the explanatory university it is regarded as.