How to Fall Asleep Better

Everyone has trouble falling asleep sometimes, and whether it’s every night or rarely happens, it can ruin your day when you (eventually) wake up! Counting sheep is a classic, but it’s pretty hard to concentrate on sheep when your mind is racing. Here are some tricks to make falling asleep a little easier and quicker:

1: Write down thoughts, ideas, and your schedule for tomorrow.

One thing that can really keep you up is having ideas and to-dos bombarding you. A trick to help this is taking some time before turning the lights off to write down any ideas or thoughts that come to you. This will take your mind off of any more impending thoughts you might have when you’re trying to fall asleep. You can also write down your schedule for tomorrow, which will free your mind of the “list” everyone makes in their head of what they need to get done.

2: Complete any necessary tasks that you can do before getting into bed

For example, instead of writing down that you should clean your room tomorrow, clean it before you get into bed. This will create one less thing you need to think about, and one less thing to do tomorrow.

3: Stretch and focus on breathing

There are thousands of breathing exercises and stretches designed to calm down your body. These can help you relax before getting into bed, and you can even play some soothing music or white noise to take it even further.

4: Exercise!

This one’s pretty self explanatory, find some time during the day to go for a walk, go for a run, look up some Pinterest workouts, really any way to get active! Not only will exercising daily keep you healthy in the long run, but it will physically tire you out so when the time comes, your body will be begging for sleep!