New Year, New You? How to Write (and keep!) New Years Resolutions

By Emily Winter

2016. A new year brimming with gleaming opportunities, fresh starts, and clean slates aiming to fix what we messed up on in 2015.  Setting resolutions, and goals in general, is something rather important to further success and enhance personal drive.  However often the process of goal setting is rather underrated.  Setting proper goals both provides focus and pushes us to be the best we can be.  Often those “goals,” however, don’t exactly work out in the long run.  For instance, you’re a few weeks into the New Year, and you find yourself slipping back into the patterns of the year before (sound familiar?).  So, how does one really hone in on effective goals, and really stick with them?  Luckily, the Undeniable team provides their best tips below! 

Pick Passion // Choose something that is meaningful to Y-O-U and only you, an idea that you’re passionate about, a dream you cannot get out of your head, or a project you’ve been thinking about tackling for quite some time.  Steer clear of setting goals you think you should set because other people want you to set them.  Goals are personal and consequentially, they need to be rooted in personal passion to effectively work. 

Limit It // It’s easy to come blazing into 2016 with a lengthy list of things you want to accomplish in 366 days (#leapyear).  However, tailor it down.  Create a perfectly paired gathering of three or four things you really want to accomplish, and focus your energy on working on those few ideas instead of the lengthy laundry list. 

Hold Yourself (& Others!) Accountable // Figure out a way to make yourself do what you want to do.  Write your goals down and post them where you can see them…everyday.  Try sharing your resolutions with family members or friends.  Hold each other accountable for sticking to that gym routine, nailing down organizational skills, or (finally) cleaning out your closet.  Whatever it is, find a way to hold yourself true to your word and follow through. 

Breath, it’s okay // Although we might come into the New Year with the best of intentions, sometimes we don’t achieve everything we want.  Use that as motivation for the future, and recognize that humans aren’t perfect! 

Thoughts? What are your resolutions for the big 2-0-1-6?