Saving Money on Makeup

From buying overpriced textbooks, school supplies, college sports tickets, and way too much food, it can always seem like your bank account is getting smaller. Especially for many college students who are still obsessed with trying new makeup products, it can be hard to do so without breaking the bank. Here are a couple of tips and reminders to stay and track when you are really tempted to buy.

1) Do you really need it?

This could apply to anything you are about to buy, but before going to the store or doing some online shopping, look at the beauty products you already have so you don’t buy anything similar. For example, if you love those gold shimmery eyeshadows because they’re your favorite, always know you’ll be immediately drawn to them and be prepared to say no.

2) Use up other products before buying

Choose some items to use up before buying new ones. It’s always nice to downsize and get your money’s worth of makeup and to make more room in your bathroom. I recommend using up those half bottles of lotion and shampoo that everyone seems to have!

3) Don’t forget about those samples

Samples can come for free in many purchases, and they often go unused in the bottom  of makeup bags and the back of drawers. Instead of buying travel sized products to keep in your purse or for vacation, think about those samples! t

4) Wait for sales + shop the clearance section

Whether it’s the annual Sephora VIB or Ulta 21 days of beauty, gather up that willpower to not buy anything until then. Or, to get that little satisfaction of getting something, head to Sephora on your birthday for a NARS freebie, or sign up for some on! Some people say that Sephora has the best sale sections – especially when companies are no longer selling their products there and everything must go. Most recently, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics had many products online that were fifty percent off. 

6) Or…avoid sephora and ulta altogether 

There are so many other places to buy quality products at such a cheaper price. Not to forget the drugstore, but Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx has some great deals. Especially for discontinued products, both of these places are great for hard to find brands. 

Whether you’re a certified beauty addict or someone just looking to save money, the bottom line is to not waste anything! Stretch your hard earned dollar as far as it can go and always go to the sale section first!