The Truth About Teenage Relationships

Talking about teenage relationships can be a very touchy subject. I will tell you that I know first hand that they are hard. They are really, really, hard. And a big factor in why they are so difficult, is because not many adults will take them- or us – seriously.

When you are in a relationship in high school, it’s especially prevalent. Figuring out how to deal with boys is definitely something that takes a lot of time and patience (lol but really). And some relationships start out casual, and others go straight onto a more serious track. I don’t know about you, but the one question that I seemed to get from a bunch of adults when I told them I had a boyfriend, was, “What even is dating these days?”. Um, I don’t know, how about the same as any other day (???). Adults seem to forget that they were once high schoolers, who thought they were in love and found the one, when they weren’t even 18.

Sure, the statistic is that not many relationships work out in high school, and if you are hanging on to dear life to save one and make it work, just don’t. It is high school, after all. You are so young, and are going to meet so many other people, and it’s so unhealthy to not let things play out naturally and organically. I was in a relationship from my sophomore to junior year, and towards the end of it it was really toxic. It wasn’t anything that I truly wanted a part of anymore, but because of a sense of obligation and fear of losing something that had become such a part of me and my life, I didn’t let go. I held on, and I held on, and I let myself get continuously hurt. I was sure that I would never find another guy, and that I would be alone forever. Because that’s totally the rational thing to think, right? 

When I finally realized how ridiculous I was being, and put myself first, I finally was able to be happy on my own, and was at peace with myself. Then, what do you know? I found the most amazing guy. And guess what? He had been there in front of me all along. I’m in the happiest relationship I have ever been in, and it’s because I constantly put myself first. That’s the whole point of what I’m trying to say about teenage relationships. Always put yourself first. It’s okay to be selfish. You simply cannot live your life for someone else or their happiness at such a young age. Don’t let anyone, especially a boy, get in the way of your happiness and success. Enjoy life and the moment, and let things come and go naturally, because everything happens for a reason. 

And you know what? If you do think you have found the one, and you’re only in high school, good for you! Because as long as you arehappy, and stay happy, whose to say you haven’t? High school sweethearts is a thing after all 😉 Focus on yourself, and on your heart, and only good things will follow. Promise.