Embracing Sweater Weather

Photo provided by  Carly June

Photo provided by Carly June

The time of year is approaching when we pack up all of our cute, sleeveless tops, shorts, and sandals and replace them with long sleeve shirts, jeans, boots, and of course, sweaters.  Although summer will be missed, autumn is full of fun festivities and opportunities to showcase all of our new fall fashion.  So, here are a couple of ways to embrace sweater weather and style your favorite sweater this fall!

Under a Vest// by layering a vest over a soft sweater, you are able to play with different textures and colors to make your outfit pop!  For a cohesive look, stick to one or two colors.  This will give you a sleek, yet edgy look.

Paired with a Skirt// still not ready to give up your summer clothes?  Pair a skirt with your sweater for a summer/fall combination.  This technique will give you a variety of thick and thin materials for extra interest.

Over a Denim Dress// you can take your long sleeve, button up shirt dress and pair it with a comfy sweater.  A cream-colored knitted sweater that hits your waist will give you a casual, but not frumpy effect.

With Textured Leggings//  are you tired of wearing jeans day after day in the fall?  Well, textured leggings paired with a longer sweater can give your outfit the “umph” it was looking for.

With Extra Accessories// simple sweaters look gorgeous with a thick necklace.  The softness of the sweater balances out the hardness of the jewelry.

As you can, there are many ways to spice up fall fashion, so, go out and embrace sweater weather!