Five Apps to Simplify the School Year

Photo provided by Delphine Glick

Photo provided by Delphine Glick

We know how it feels to be juggling (what seems like) a million things when the school year comes around.  As you get deeper into fall, our five favorite apps will get you organized and ready for each busy day.



HabitClock// this innovative app allows you to outline your daily routine, and, starting from your wake-up alarm, it will start running timers until you check off each item. Perfect for those rushed mornings.


Calm// for nights when you need a little chill, Calm helps you meditate by playing calming music and guiding you through the session.  If you’re a beginner to meditation, Calm will get you on the right track and teach you a skill that you can build on and use for years to come.


Poncho// Poncho takes weather news to a new level with creative features, such as pollen, allergy, humidity, and bad hair day alerts.  All this comes with a cat in a yellow raincoat — what’s not to love?!


Stylicious// this app brings you the Clueless-inspired virtual closet you’ve always dreamed of.  Put together outfits and manage your closet, then when you find the perfect look, be sure to add it to your “Fashion Calendar” so you know when you last wore it.


Evernote// Evernote is the app that manages it all — take notes from anywhere, add photos, and then access them from any of your devices through the cloud.  You can even search for words in the handwritten notes you write, for those times when your notes “mysteriously” disappear.


When used to our advantage, having more apps can actually streamline your routine instead of provide distraction.  Make sure to keep on top of it all using our Undeniably favorite apps for efficiency during this school year!