Finding Your Self-Worth

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

After being in college for only a year, you get a pretty good handle on college dating.  There are those couples that met right at the beginning of the year and are still together (i.e. my roommate and his girlfriend); there are those that are, yes it’s true, just in it for the hookup; those that want a confusing as hell, friends with benefits relationship; that one person who doesn’t know what they want, but secretly want a relationship; and, finally, there are those hopeful romantics wondering why on Earth they can’t find that special someone.

If you were anything like me freshman year, you fell into the last category.  After my high-school boyfriend and I broke up, I desperately wanted a relationship.  I wanted someone to love me and take care of me again, which led to the pursuit of multiple men (if you can, in fact, call the average, college male a man).  Along with this pursuit came many, many ultimate lows because nothing worked out.  I felt like no one liked me, at least in a romantic sense, and that was degrading.

So, I had the summer to mull things over.  I cleared things up with the ex-- let’s just say he will never be in my life again-- and started feeling much better; but, I also cleared things up with myself.  I finally realized I was basing my self-worth on what someone else thought of me.  We are all guilty of this, especially women.  We are taught growing up that to feel good about ourselves, or to feel accomplished, that we have to find a partner.  What the hell is that about??

The only thing that should, no I’m sorry, that does matter is that YOU feel good about YOURSELF.  Who cares if you’re single, who cares if you like casual sex and hook-ups, just do you and love yourself.

In the words of my roommate and bestfriend “what matters is how you feel, not what others think, so do what makes you happy because that is what makes you beautiful.”


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