How to Have a Fun Vacation without Leaving your City

Photo provided by Julia Kharlemenko

Photo provided by Julia Kharlemenko

Traveling is always an amazing experience, but sometimes travel isn't necessarily in the cards during school breaks or vacation days.  Here’s how to have a great vacation without leaving your city.



Go Local// so many places have local shops and restaurant that you never knew existed. Challenge yourself to go to a new store or restaurant every day of your break.  You will be surprised with the hidden gems you might find.  Farmer’s markets are also another fun way to get to know your city's local vendors and pick up some fresh produce or products that you can’t get anywhere else.


Backyard Camping// pull out the tents and the sleeping bags, and go on a camping trip right in your backyard.  Roast your food over a fire if possible and bring on the junk food!  This is a great way to make a mini vacation without even leaving your house, and the plus side to this camping trip: no big animals and proper plumbing is available.


Road Trip// ok so this one might require leaving your city (or maybe not) but road trips with friends and family are a great time for bonding, going somewhere new, and it is a lot less expensive than air travel.


Photo Shoot// another way to have fun without the travel is grabbing some friends and going around your city taking photos of each other.  Change outfits and scope out some areas with cool backgrounds.  Not only is this fun, but it will also be great for upping your Instagram feed.


Find a New Hobby or Try Out Something New// ever wanted to try something, but never had the time?  Vacation days and breaks are your time to give it a shot.  Whether you end up excelling or failing, you can check it off your bucket list.