How to Incorporate Working Out Into Your School Routine

When the school year kicks off and you’re suddenly bombarded with tests, homework, extracurriculars, and life in general, the last thing most students want to think about is exercising.  Although exercising is known to be a great stress-reliever, trying to set aside the time needed for a full-blown workout usually causes more stress than it alleviates.  However, hour-long Pure Barre classes and gym appointments certainly aren’t the only things that qualify as “working out,” and there are several ways to incorporate mini-workouts and exercises into your everyday routine--best of all, you might already be doing some of them without realizing it.

Image provided by:   Carolyn Johnson

Image provided by:  Carolyn Johnson


Walking On Campus// perhaps the easiest and most common workout of them all, walking is an essential part of exercising.  The great news is that you probably already walk several hundred steps every day just by going to and from your classes and other areas on campus.  Try to think of little ways to incorporate walking into your routine by doing simple things like using your car less frequently (it’ll save gas money) or taking a longer route to your classes.


Study Exercising// most people probably don’t associate studying and exercising with one another, but combining them together allows you to reap both mental and physical benefits.  For example, if you’re reading a hefty textbook chapter and find yourself losing focus, take it as a sign to take a break--and start doing your favorite exercise.  It’s a great way to get your blood pumping, allowing your brain to recharge and get ready for the next study session.  Some people even plank while they’re reading over their notes--the more creative the idea, the better!



Getting Involved// everyone stresses the idea of getting involved in several clubs and organizations, whether you’re in high school or in college.  However, some of these organizations will actually provide a workout for you;  whether you join a varsity sports team, a dance or cheer squad, or even a marching band, you’ll find yourself “working out” more than ever before due to the natures of the organizations and their long, grueling practices.



Pure Barre and yoga classes are great, but they certainly aren’t for everyone, especially the busy student.  Using these tips will allow you to creatively weave workout routines and exercises throughout your hectic school schedule--no gym or equipment required.