Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating

We’ve all been there; it’s eleven o’clock on a Monday night, we have hours of work to do, and we’re on our phone browsing Instagram or watching our favorite show.  Anything to prevent doing work, right?  It’s a universal and impossibly hard problem to fix: procrastination. Procrastination has haunted every student that has ever lived.  It seems impossible to escape, yet with these tricks, you can break away from this seemingly never-ending cycle.

Image provided by:  Carrie Carlisle

Image provided by: Carrie Carlisle


The first trick you should try is goal setting and rewards.  For example, you could say that you want to finish your essay by eight o’clock.  Then if you do finish it, you get a piece of chocolate or get to watch an episode on Netflix.  Although this technique seems very kindergarten-like and simple, I’ve found that if you are working towards something you truly want and enjoy, the light at the end of the tunnel helps you stop procrastinating and get to work.


Another simple, yet effective system is to make a to-do list.  Often times, we have so much work to do and it just seems too overwhelming and unachievable.  When this happens, it helps to just simply lay it all out; write down what needs to be done and start approaching each project rationally.  This helps calm your brain down and convince yourself that you can achieve what needs to be done!



My final advice to you on how to get your work done is finish the more difficult items first.  If you do the easy and simple tasks first, after you’ve finished them, it’ll seem like you’ve still done nothing and you’ll get discouraged; however, if you accomplish the challenging things first, you will acquire motivation and the easy tasks at the end will seem like a breeze.



It’s true, doing work is often times very boring and uninteresting, but it needs to get done. If you follow these simple tips, I promise you will get them done much more efficiently!