Your Monthly Netflix and Chill Guide

After we’ve finished watching our favorite show, we often feel an emptiness inside that only one thing can fill: a new show!  However, sometimes it’s hard to decide exactly which show we should donate our free time to.  Search no more: below are five marvelous shows that guarantee to keep you staying up late to finish an episode.

Grey’s Anatomy// This is a classic, so if you haven’t watched it, you need to.  Merideth’s raw perspective on life along with Derek’s overwhelmingly charming personality and mannerisms won’t let you take your eyes off the screen until you are finally caught up.

The Office// Everyone who watches this show falls in love.  The ‘mocumentary’ style truly allows the watcher to understand what the characters are thinking as they go through their various stages of life.  Jim’s iconic camera stares and Michael’s insane work ethic are just a couple of the things that make the watcher unable to stop until the end.

The West Wing// The West Wing offers a much different perspective of the presidency then, let’s say, “Scandal.”  Although “Scandal” is also an amazingly written and fantastic show, it offers a very dark perception of the presidency that some viewers simply don’t want to see.  If this describes you, search no further!  Starring Martin Sheen as President Jed Bartlet, “The West Wing” illustrates what life is like for the staff of the west wing of the White House, focusing on the more noble and brave side of things.

Gilmore Girls// Lorelai is an out of the ordinary mom who always puts her daughter Rori first. Rori is an intelligent and witty student who won’t let anyone push her around.  Together, these two characters’ relationship makes for the perfect feel-good show.

Reign// This edge-of-your-seat type of drama follows the story of teenager Mary Queen of Scots as she returns to France to marry her pre-determined fiance Francis, future king of France. However, when she arrives, not everything is how it seems, and Mary must decide what she cares about most as she makes decisions that could impact the rest of her life.  Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of history, this show is bound to keep you pressing ‘next episode’ every forty-two minutes.