Healthy, Unique Lunches to Pack for School

Photo provided by Toyosi Oyelola

Photo provided by Toyosi Oyelola

The same white bread with turkey and lettuce for lunch has to have you craving something with variety and flavor!  School can be a drag, but with a delicious lunch to pick you up, we can guarantee your day will be enriched.


Smoothie// a smoothie is simple, appetizing, and natural.  You can choose the taste of the smoothie by the fruits you mix into it.  The negative about smoothies is that they are better cold, which is a little bit difficult if it has been sitting in your lunchbox for four hours.  A great way to fix this problem is to get an insulated cup!  You can find them in most stores and they come in variety of designs!


Peanut Butter Crackers// the peanut butter crackers sold in grocery stores come with a handful of unhealthy preservatives.  The peanut butter almost looks fake!  An effortless way to make this delicious snack healthier is by taking crackers from your pantry and spreading some peanut butter all over them.  Then, add a cracker on the top to make a unique version of a miniature peanut butter sandwich.  Also, if you have an after school activity, these crackers should help keep your energy up because of the protein within the peanut butter.



Caesar Salad// this magnificent salad is mouthwatering!  A great aspect of this salad, is that it can stay cold, and there is no need to warm it up.  All the flavors in this salad--lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, and the chicken-- blend so well.  For the “icing on the cake” to this salad, top it off with dressing!