Curating Your "Gram" Aesthetic


Instagram is the perfect way to give your friends, family, and followers a sneak peek into your life. Many live by the philosophy of, “If you don’t post a photo on Instagram, the event didn’t actually happen”. Having (and perfecting) an aesthetic for your pictures won’t only help step up your Insta game, but it will also appear like you have your life somewhat together. Lucky for you, the art of an Instagram aesthetic can easily be mastered in a of couple steps.

Quality Photos// This isn’t saying you have to use some fancy camera for every picture you post, nor do you need a background in photography. For achieving the best picture on any device, good lighting is key. Take the picture outside or open up a window to help get the right look. A well lit photo is easier to edit later on.

Consistency// A big way to make all of your photos look the same, is by editing them all the same way. Apps like VSCO and Afterlight make it easy to edit photos right on your phone. Play around with the pictures until you find an editing style that fits your Instagram aesthetic you are trying to go for. The edits can be big or little, all that matters is that they are consistent for each photo you post.

Color Scheme// This step is by far the most noticeable when it comes to an Instagram theme. Having a color scheme is not only visually appealing, but it can also help portray a mood. Bright colors can give off a fun and carefree feeling, while more gray tones can give a more mysterious and sophisticated feeling. A cohesive feed will help draw in your followers attention.

Keeping these three steps in mind, achieving an Instagram aesthetic doesn’t have to be hard. The most important thing to take away from this is it to have fun with being creative and expressing yourself! It is totally okay to switch it up once in awhile. For some inspiration check out Youtuber Danielle Marie’s account or Caitlin’s from Southern Curls and Pearls.