Lace-Up Flats for Less

Spring's quickly approaching, and naturally, you're eagerly looking forward to swapping out clunky boots for lighter options.  You want a shoe that's comfortable, durable, and on-trend.  Enter lace-up flats.  Not only are these shoes very stylish, but they're also very practical for the busy girl who finds herself running around from one place to another.  Several companies have introduced lace-up flats in their new spring lines, and while Steve Madden and Ivanka Trump have lovely selections, they aren't very considerate of an average girl’s budget.   Fortunately, there are several wallet-friendly options that are just as stylish and on-trend as designer-labeled pairs.


1. Lulu's -- $25

Made with a cushy insole and a modified pointed toe, these flats are perfect for the girl seeking both comfort and sophistication to complement her hectic life.


2. Forever 21 -- $24.90


Seeking an even more original twist on this pair of iconic shoes?  Try Forever 21's flats:  they come in several colors, from basic black to pastel blue and everything in-between.



4. Target -- $24.99

Lastly, if you want a readily available pair of lace-up flats for yourself, hop on over to Target to take a look at the store's newest selections.  Be sure to act fast: these shoes will fly off of the shelves!


Lace-up flats definitely appear elegant, sophisticated, and structured, but that doesn’t mean you should have to fork over a year’s worth of savings to receive a pair.  You can easily get the best of both worlds: a lovely pair of shoes and a happy wallet.