Don’t Let Mono Drag You Down: Top Tips for a Quick Recovery

Photo provided by Carly Motzer

Photo provided by Carly Motzer

So you’re stuck with the teenage nightmare – mononucleosis. You’re exhausted, running a fever, and bearing a horrible sore throat. Your energy is lacking and your to-do list is growing. However, you can get through it.  Here are some tips to make you feel better  and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Obviously, sleep // Don’t overdo it, and don’t go back to your normal, probably crazy, schedule too early. Make sure to take it easy in order to prevent a “relapse”.  Extra sleep at night (and periodic naps in-between) will help your body heal itself and give you more energy when you actually are awake. If you are disciplined about getting some extra ZZZs it may help cut your recovery time by a few weeks.

Drink loads of water // Keeping hydrated will keep your cells moving and your immune system in action, speeding up the healing process. Drinking water right when you get out of the bed in the morning will rev up your metabolism and make you feel more awake despite your mono diagnosis.  

Load up on vitamin C // Vitamin C is key in strengthening your immune system and can also help you feel more awake throughout the day.

Salt water // Gargling with warm salt water will help numb and soothe that disgustingly sore throat. Do this a few times a day to keep the infection at bay. This will easily help your throat heal itself up!

Use essential oils // Every night before bed, rub one drop of thieves (essential oil) along with a good amount of carrier oil (like almond oil) on the bottom of your feet and pop some socks on. This will boost your immune system overnight.

By following these tips you will find yourself back at it in no time!