Finding a Way to Cope with People Leaving

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Something I have always said is a universal truth is nothing stays the same forever.  You change, I change, and so do our relationships with people.  Sometimes they change because we grow apart and, unfortunately, sometimes you are forced apart.  People leaving, in my experience, can be one of the hardest things to deal with.  We all deal with this differently; sometimes we are angry and sometimes sad.  Over the past year or two I have had several people that played a huge role in my life move away.  While we all deal with this situation in different ways, there are some universal steps to take.


Handling Your Emotions// The first and most important step is to prepare yourself and deal with your emotions.  Most of the time when people leave they are able to give you at least a couple of weeks warning.  Take that time to personally deal with what is happening. Know that it is completely okay to cry and get mad and to think what is going on is not fair.  However, while you are going through those emotions, you also need to slowly come to terms with what is going on.


Coming to Terms// Coming to terms with the situation can happen in a lot of different ways.  You can talk about it with other people, talk about it with the people who are moving, or in my case, I prayed.  Now I know this is different for everyone, but I am just saying that if you are inclined to pray, go for it.  How I accepted what was going on was through this one thought: it will be better for them.  Some of the girls I danced with were going off to college and while it was hard to see them go, I knew they would do amazing things.  When my god-sister Lizzie and her family left everyone was devastated, but Lizzie has flourished in her new home and is making such great friends.

It truly is hard to see people go, and sometimes you do not realize how important they are to you until they are gone.  So, while you learn to accept what is happening, be sure to keep the relationship going.  After all, that is what technology is for!  Text, email, send some snail mail, and be sure to see them whenever you can.  Sure, your relationship will be different, but it does not have to end.