The Best Places to Eat in Columbus, Ohio

By Adrienne James

Columbus, Ohio is one of the most underrated cities in the U.S. The shopping, restaurant, and events scene is up and coming, as many people are realizing how much fun it can be to explore the depths of “C-bus”. Foodies have been flocking to Columbus to try the next best thing in the restaurant industry. Not only is the food important to the restaurants of Columbus, but also the scenery, and the overall atmosphere and décor. Below are just a few of the best places to chow down in Columbus, Ohio.  


  1. For a Breakfast of Champions: Katalina’s Café (


Katalina’s is perfect for a late breakfast (or brunch… brunch is always a good idea) with friends. They’re known for their Nutella filled pancake balls, but definitely have a wide variety of other yummy breakfast foods to choose from. The scenery is adorable, and the food is good – What could beat that?

  1. For a Quick Cup of Coffee: The Roosevelt Coffeehouse (

This coffee shop has one of the best atmospheres for a chat with a friend, OR a quiet study sesh. The coffee is of course, amazing, but what is even better is their dedication to donating to organizations of their choice. On their website, they have all of their supported organizations listed, and, a lovely mission statement to go along with it. Great coffee with an even greater purpose.

  1. For a Scenic Meal: Milestone 229 (

Milestone 229 is right in the heart of Columbus, and, overlooks the gorgeous Scioto mile which it is named after. If you’re looking for great food and a great view, this is the place to go.  They primarily serve American food for their main courses, but also feature a warm pretzel bread with a dipping sauce for a delicious appetizer.

  1. For The Health Guru: Alchemy Juice Bar (

Alchemy is perfect for anyone who wants a light lunch, or a colorful and healthy breakfast. They make adorable smoothie bowls with fruits, nuts, and more. The meals here are definitely Instagram-worthy, to say the least.  Its location is slightly on the outskirts of the city, which means it’s never too busy; however,  word is spreading fast!

  1. For a Fancy Night Out: Hyde Park Steakhouse (

Hyde Park is an awesome place to dress up or celebrate a special occasion. Throw on your best dress, but come prepared to eat a delicious, juicy steak! There are a few Hyde Park locations in the Columbus area, but their prime location is right on the outskirts of the Short North; A trendy district downtown.

  1. For The Italian Lover: Giuseppe’s Ritrovo (

Giuseppe’s is quaint, authentic, and completely family friendly. If you love meatballs and spaghetti, this is the place for you! They’re located right next to the campus of Capital University-- right outside of downtown of Columbus.  They have one of the cutest outdoor seating arrangements, which is perfect for summer nights.

Columbus is an amazing city, full of endless new and exciting things to discover!  Take the chance to visit and explore the restaurants above, and many more!