Tips on Packing for a Short Trip

With the weather finally starting to warm up and the sun trying to peek out, it's evident that spring is here. Spring is the perfect time for quick weekend getaways, whether it’s a short drive, a road trip, or a quick plane ride away. As fun as these trips are, they present a little bit of an issue when it comes to packing. Here are a few tips to help you pack all you need for these three or four day trips, while still keeping it light. 


The Bag// For starters, no one wants to haul around a huge rolling suitcase on a short trip. Invest in a good duffel bag, a larger tote, or a weekender bag for a soft, but durable solution. Think roughly the size of a carry-on bag, especially if you are flying and want to avoid the checked bag fee.

The Wardrobe// When putting together a wardrobe for a short trip, it's important to have basics that you can mix and match to create different looks. Maybe it's one pair of jeans with multiple sweaters, or a top you can switch up with a blazer one night and a skirt the next. Stick to one or two pairs of versatile shoes, but have fun with accessories that will help you go from day to night to change up your look.

Struggling to fit it all in there? Pro tip: roll up your pieces in order to save space and prevent wrinkles. 

The Cosmetics// When it comes to packing makeup and other toiletries, it's time to strip down to the basics. Do you really need your Clarisonic, full sized body products, and all three Naked palettes for just three or four days? Head to the travel sized section at your favorite drugstore and pick up the essentials, and try to think about versatile makeup products. Lipstick as blush? Eyeshadow as highlight? Mascara as liner? By doing this you will save space in your bag for more important items and leave room for whatever you may buy on the trip. Put it all in a small makeup bag (save the ones that come with gift sets, they're perfect!) and you're good to go.


Zip up your suitcase, because you're ready to go! By using these tips, you can keep your packing light for short getaways and still be able to look fashionable and have everything you need. Bon voyage!