Tips to Help You Become a Morning Person

Photo provided by: Toyosi Oyelola

Photo provided by: Toyosi Oyelola

Do you hide under your covers when the alarm goes off? Do your mornings seem like a race against the clock? Do you hit snooze too many times to count? Have you ever wanted to punch a morning person in the face?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be experiencing severe snoozing syndrome, and the doctor’s cure is this set of six tips. And guess what? None of them involve setting an earlier alarm.

Play a mind game// When the ever-so-delightful sound of your alarm goes off in the morning, go ahead and press snooze. Then get out of bed. Seems contradictory, right? Just wait. See, the next part of this is to tell yourself you only have to stay out of bed until the alarm goes off again—just nine minutes. While you’re waiting, move around a little. Wash your face, get some water or coffee, or pack up your backpack. By the time the nine minutes are over, you won’t even want to get back into bed.

Get excited about breakfast// If you love food as much as we do over at The Undeniable Life, this should be easy. The key is to actually eat breakfast, not scarf down a granola bar on the way to school. Plan a breakfast that will make you want to get up in the morning, perhaps  it’s a bowl of fresh fruit, a chocolate croissant, or a green smoothie; choose something that will make you look forward to waking up in the morning.  Better yet, prep it the night before so you aren’t staring at a screen right before you fall asleep.

Use essential oils// They say the sense of smell is about ten thousand times more powerful than our other senses- so take advantage of it! Sniff or diffuse some peppermint oil for increased alertness in the morning and use lavender at night to help you sleep better.

Associate your alarm sound with something good// If you use your iPhone for an alarm clock, choose the same sound for your alarm as you do for your “break” timer when doing homework. When you hear the sound in the morning, it won’t have such a negative connotation in your brain.

Hydrate// You probably have been told to drink more water a million times- well here’s one million and one. Just a sip or two of water tells your body that you’re up and ready to go.

Play some music// Energize yourself in the morning by playing your favorite jams, but don’t choose a song for your alarm tone (it totally ruins the song). For extra points, make a playlist timed to where you should be at in your routine while each song is playing.

Here’s to making the best of your morning!