Tour of Clemson Univeristy

Nestled in the heart of Clemson, South Carolina is a little University that celebrates every Saturday in the fall as if it were a national holiday. This small-town college won “Most School Spirit,” according to Business Insider, and is ranked 7th nationally for “Happiest Students” according to The Princeton Review. Although Clemson isn’t located in a big city, or even near one, you can come to “Death Valley” for a football game and have your mind blown by the 80,000 screaming fans who occupy the stadium. Not to mention, Clemson is ranked 61st in Princeton’s list of National Universities, and 21st in Best National Public Universities. Their academics are top notch and they provide a great atmosphere to learn in. Here are a few more things you should know about Clemson University!

  1. There are 17,000+ undergraduates at Clemson, and 4,000+ graduate students.

  2. They have 80+ majors and 75+ minors.

  3. They are located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by their own lake: Lake Hartwell.

  4. Clemson is home to 400+ student clubs and organizations on campus.

  5. Roughly 23% of the student body is involved in Greek Life, which begins rushing in the fall semester.

  6. On Homecoming Night, Clemson hosts “Tigerama”, one of the nation’s largest student run pep rallies.

  7. Clemson has study abroad programs on every continent except Antarctica.

  8. Their student to faculty ratio is 17:1, and nearly half the classes offered at Clemson have less than 20 students.