Why You Should Start Meditating Today


Have you ever tried to meditate?

Yes, it’s hard. We are constantly running around trying to reach deadlines, maintain a social life, apply to college, get jobs, build that resume, stay active – and the list goes on for miles. However, even though it can be difficult to get out of the rush, our bodies need a break.  The thought of jotting down another thing on your to-do list is incredibly daunting, and, sometimes sitting in silence seems counter intuitive or unproductive, but taking up a simple meditation practice will help you feel better.  Here are some reasons why you should start meditating today.

 Relieves Stress// We are all under some serious pressure, and that stress has been proven to lead to illness that can potentially get you feeling even more behind schedule. Taking a few minutes to clear your mind and re-energize with mediation can leave you feeling ready and aware to keep charging full speed ahead.


Improves Focus// Usually the goal of meditation is to remove all distractions from your mind and focus on your breathing or a center of your body. Our minds going in twenty different directions all day is not good for our mental or physical health. Meditation encourages you to practice and refine your focus – leaving you even more ready and focused to go get em’!

Increases Inspiration & Creativity// Studies have shown that through deep meditation you can tap into the part of your intelligence where your creative subconscious lies. Naturally, this increases clarity and creativity in your life.

Sleep Better// You’ve heard it a million times – you need more sleep. Ever lie awake at night worried about everything you have to do the next day? Meditation can help clear your mind of all that and even potentially cure insomnia. Start meditating and sleep like a baby.

Live in the Moment// Meditation can help you become grounded. Through this, you can gain an appreciation for the present reality. Simple practice can help you stop sweating the small stuff. Living in the moment helps you to react more rationally to situations and become more efficient, focused, and, a total boss.

There are tons of resources online to learn how to meditate and even some great guided meditation apps to check out!