Everything You Need for Music Festival Season

Photo provided by: Constance Browne

Photo provided by: Constance Browne


Music Festivals are an exciting way to kick off your summer.  Grab some friends, some blankets, and shades, and head on down to a nearby festival. No matter what genre the music festival be, you can usually find some bands you like, and maybe some new ones you’ve never heard of! If you’re camping on-site, be prepared. Here’s some must-bring items for a music festival!

Sunglasses and Sunscreen// Necessary for the harmful rays; you don’t want to damage your skin! Music festivals are a great reason to buy some cool, funky sunglasses.

Festival Blanket// These are great to lay out for some relaxation in the sun, and also happen to make cute décor for photos!

Cash// Most vendors will only accept cash and it’s always good to have just in case.

Portable Phone Charger// It’s important to be safe and if you ever lose your friends you will need to make sure you are able to call them.

Comfy Shoes// This goes without saying, don’t wear shoes you feel uncomfortable in; you’re going to be walking and standing all day.

A Bag// Bring a cross-body bag or a fanny pack.  Yes, celebrities brought back the fanny pack. They are so convenient for putting all of your necessities in.

Water// Make sure you drink LOTS of water! Hydration is key in warm, humid temperatures especially when you’re dancing around.  It’s so important to hydrate throughout the day.