Tips for a More Fulfilling Summer

Hello to our lovely readers!

With school coming to an end and Summer 2016 just about to start, we want to encourage you to take the time and focus on you this summer. Summer is a time for you to get away from everything and just really focus on what you believe is important to yourself. Going along with that, what is going to make this summer different than any other is that you are going to focus on yourself and being as happy as possible. During the summer months you are getting the chance to have more free time to do what you wish and escape from some of those toxins that the school year may bring, such as stress and certain friendships that may not be the healthiest. We want to encourage you to find yourself and be able to make the most out of this time.



  1. Forget about the people who don’t make you happy- If you have ever had a friendship that just brings you down, now is the time to get away from that. You should be focusing on yourself and making yourself happy and like the quote goes “your vibe attracts your tribe” -- if you are happy then your friends will be happy!

  2. Try something new- Get out and just do it! If there is anything that you should be doing, summer should be taking the time to try new things that you might have not had time to do during the school year.

  3. Be Productive- Don’t waste your entire morning on things like Netflix or Pinterest, allow yourself an hour when you wake up and an hour before bed to unwind. Other than that hour, anything past that you are wasting valuable time!

  4. Take care of yourself- Take the time to put yourself first and worry about your mental health and physical health. Make yourself a priority and think about what is going to make you happy!  

  5. Focus on the now- Stop worrying over things that aren’t summer. Now is the time to unwind and set your priorities on the next few weeks.