First Ladies Through the Ages

As years pass and America evolves as a country, it is inevitable that cultural and social changes will take place; however, one thing remains constant: we have some fabulous First Ladies.  With each inauguration, the fashion realm turns its eyes to the new “it girl” whose style continues to be emulated around the globe.  From the ever-so-preppy Jackie O. to Michelle Obama’s trendy attire, the outfits of First Ladies set the style agenda.


The first outfit that comes to mind is Jackie Kennedy’s Dior gown.  Talk about pretty in pink! Kennedy dazzles by accessorizing with a diamond brooch...stuck in her hair.


Second up is Rosalynn Carter’s blue chiffon gown and embellished cape that she wore to an event not once, but twice.  Rosalynn Carter is an outfit repeater!  The 70’s recession lead this frugal First Lady to make a statement about being economic, while looking effortlessly elegant.


Third is Nancy Reagan’s inaugural gown that could rival a dress off the red carpet.  Reagan’s extravagant spending makes no exception when it comes to her clothes, and this dress cost 10,000 big ones.


Fourth comes a very Kate Spade esque outfit from Miss Jackie.  The bow accent, white gloves, and strings of pearls are all hallmarks of a Jackie O. curated outfit.  Her style is so classic that having classic style itself is dubbed as being “very Jackie Kennedy.”


Our current First Lady, Michelle Obama, clearly had big shoes to fill in the style department.  Taking cues from First Ladies’ past, Mrs. Obama donned a beautiful white gown to accompany her husband in London.  The crossing straps and long white tie in the front bring refreshing touches to First Lady fashion.

With these outfits it is clear to see that the wives of our president's conduct a style legacy like no other.


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