What to Do When You Get into a Fight With Your Best Friend

Occasionally, the worst happens.  Your very best friend, the one who shares your favorite inside jokes and understands all of your little quirks, makes you mad.  Or maybe you make her mad. And thus, the person you never thought you would argue with (besides the sister like bickering because you guys are just that close) is having a very real fight with you.  Maybe by ignoring you and making passive aggressive remarks, or maybe in a more direct way with snarky comments and sour faces.  Regardless of the intensity of the fight it’s still there.  So what do you do then?

Don’t say or do anything you don’t mean// or really, just don’t do anything at all until you’re cooled off.  No matter how upset you are in the moment, this is your best friend and burning a bridge is never the answer.  Slowly letting the friendship fade is a safer bet if you’re really to the point of letting go.

Don’t send that subtweet!// anytime you post your problems or issues for the world to see you will inquire judgement.  No need to make your followers pick sides in your argument, just keep this between you and your best friend to avoid an even bigger mess.

When you are ready to talk// think about the underlying issue and confront it head on.

Nothing good can come from arguing over the stuff that doesn’t really matter, while the actual issue gets pushed under the rug.  Think about exactly what it is you’re fighting over and don’t stray from the topic.  No need to draw in all of the tiny annoyances that you seem to let slide when you aren’t in a fight.

Refrain from only discussing your side of the argument// listen, understand, and learn.

There is absolutely nothing worse than a know it all.  Admit when you’re wrong and express your opinion if there is something that upsets you.  This one is simple as long as you respect boundaries.

And just like that, fighting becomes a little bit easier.  Fighting is necessary in some cases to solidify a friendship.  In the moment that it does occur, it’s so important to do it right and to always end on a good night.  Remember: Your best friend is your best friend for a reason – be thankful for them and treat them right even when a fight does occur!