Steal Her Style: Kate Middleton

In terms of modern-day style icons, Kate Middleton is someone worth watching.  The Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t just parade in gala gowns, she is also known to sport beautifully tailored day dresses and even an occasional casual look.  Being a royal, Kate definitely knows how to dress elegantly even when she’s on the run.  To achieve her classic, understated look, you’ll only need a few wardrobe staples:

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Patterned Shirt// although Kate usually sticks to classic oxfords or button-ups, she isn’t afraid to wear tops that are adorned in patterns like gingham and florals.  If you really want to be a facsimile of the Duchess, just grab a striped sweater--stripes seem to be her favorite pattern of all!


Navy Jeans// no casual outfit of Kate’s is complete without her simple, straight-legged jeans.  The bluer the jean, the better.



Tailored Blazer// another staple piece that the icon frequently wears is a solid-colored blazer.  For those of you who are young professionals, this aspect of Kate’s wardrobe is a wonderful piece to have handy.



Low Heels// lastly, Kate usually completes her outfits with a pair of nude pumps or a simple pair of flats.  If you want to embrace the trendier side of the Duchess’s style, try a pair of espadrille wedges to top off your look.



Royalty though she may be, Kate Middleton has a casual style that is easily attained by women everywhere.  When trying to emulate her style, remember to keep your wardrobe selections understated yet elegant--just like the Duchess herself.