Bringing Basic to Business

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Sometimes, we roll our eyes at the girl always on her phone, taking a picture of her new shoes and every manicure she gets.  We call her “basic” as she fixes her posture for the perfect selfie. Do it for the insta! She shouts with her friends.  The passerby’s roll their eyes while she stops traffic to get the perfect shot of her and her besties crossing Abbey Road; #abroadgoals.

Fast forward a few years and that same girl that was mocked for being more into how good her meal looked on the plate rather than how it actually tasted is now the Head of Social Media for Alex and Ani, Whole Foods or maybe Kate Spade.  Her day consists of scheduling posts months in advance.  That cute picture of a donut next to the brand logo on National Donut Day in June was made at least three months ago, with fifty or more photos to choose from.  She has her dream job and she loves it.

While some of that story is a bit exaggerated, I have found in my year post-graduating college the importance of social media for brand growing.  A brand’s daily participation on social media, whether it be posting a photo on Instagram and or live-tweeting at an event, show active engagement and awareness in what their consumers are interested in.

So be the girl on her phone and take those extra twenty minutes to filter that sunflower field!  If Instagram is your hobby, you can guarantee it can get you a job someday; up with the big wigs even.