Tips to Keep Your Brain Sharp Over the Summer

As the last bells of high school ring and final exams commence, the only thing on anyone’s mind is summer.  We all want to slip into vacation mode and fill our days with sun, fun, and no academic conversations.  Even though it’s tempting to forget about school, it is still important to keep your brain working.  Here are a few tips to keep your brain sharp over the summer.

Photo provided by: Carrie Carlisle

Photo provided by: Carrie Carlisle


Art Museums// it may not directly seem educational, but there are many tidbits of information and history that can be shown through art.  Simply wandering around an art museum or sculpture garden can spark up countless conversations and can even brighten up your day!

Tutoring// good at math?  Proficient in English?  Take your skills to the next level.  Find a neighboring student who needs help, or advertise yourself online.  You wouldn’t just be helping a fellow student or child in need, but also helping yourself by brushing up on your skills.

Read// every time you read, you are exposing yourself to the potential to learn new things.  No matter if it is a book, eBook, magazine, newspaper, or pamphlet in an office, reading teaches you new vocabulary words and opens up your eyes to worlds you never knew existed.

Summer Class// this is the obvious one.  If your school offers summer class and you can afford it, take it!  Not only will you receive valuable credits for your degree but you will keep your brain cells firing!  Classes too expensive where you go?  Check out an online community college course.  These courses are just as good and will help you keep on learning.

Travel// I have yet to experience something that teaches me more than traveling.  Being around people with different lifestyles than you always offers an opportunity to learn.

Write// getting your thoughts on paper and expressing yourself gives you time to be creative and keep your mind strong.  Get a journal and write down daily observations, lists, thoughts, goals, whatever; just get down it on paper!

Even though we are given this amazing thing called summer break, it doesn’t mean we have to put our brains into hibernation.  Doing one of these things a few times a week could be more beneficial than you think.  Who knows, maybe you can learn something this summer amidst all the relaxing, sunning, and beaching.