A New Beginning... For Your Closet

To all of you who are a bit behind on the spring-cleaning, we at Undeniable feel you.  This article will lay out some rules so you can get yourself motivated and conduct an efficient overhaul of your closet.  Trust us, you’ll feel much better when you do.

Photo provided by: Frannie Acciardo

Photo provided by: Frannie Acciardo


Setting up//

  1. Make a date: Set a time to do the closet clean-out a few days before, because you’ll need around five hours to truly perfect it.

  2. Turn on some fun music and you’re ready to go.

  3. Take everything (yes, all of it) out of your closet or drawers and put it somewhere where it can’t be ignored i.e. make a huge pile on your bed, on your desk, or anywhere that’ll make you motivated to clean it up soon!


Making decisions//


  1. The essential question is “Would I buy this?” Pretend you’re in a store.  It may feel crazy to answer “no” over and over, but be honest with yourself, pieces you won’t wear have no place in your closet.

  2. If something’s damaged, still ask yourself the above question.  It’s probably worth it to pay for a repair to revitalize the piece if you absolutely love it.

  3. Don’t fall for the trap of the “goal item.”  If it doesn’t fit you now, don’t count on it fitting later.  That piece will always hang over your head if you keep it.




  1. Of course, this step varies a lot considering the layout of your storage space, but no matter what, looking at color, season, and style is necessary to organize your closet right.

  2. If your space is too small to house your year-round clothing, pick up some under-the-bed plastic drawers; they totally fix the issue!  Roll your out-of-season clothes instead of folding to optimize the volume of the bin.

  3. As for the clothing you decide to part with, donation is a great option; however, if you choose not to donate for whatever reason, look into selling your clothes online, that way you have more money to shop for the next season.  And who wouldn’t want that?!


Your summer-cleaning will lift a weight off your shoulders.  It’ll feel so much better to consolidate your closet.