DIY Tassel Wall Hang

Summer: the season of DIY projects. Now that we have time to relax, we can finally use all the inspiration from the sunshine and take on projects to make our spaces cute!

This tassel wall hang is super simple and adds a funky element to any room! Plus, it’s super easy to customize with different colors, sizes, lengths, and number of tassels. Let’s get started!


You Will Need:

  • Yarn

  • Scissors

  • A smaller book/journal

  • Wooden dowels

  • Mod Podge or other white glue (optional)



  1. Start by wrapping your yarn around a book about 30 times, over a smaller piece of yarn placed on the spine.

  2. Use that smaller piece of yarn to tie the yarn together.

  3. Slowly remove the wrapped yarn from the book, and tie another piece of yarn about an inch down for the knotted top, to create the “head” of the tassel.

  4. Cut the bottom of the loops to create the tassel!

  5. Trim the bottom of the tassel to even out the bottom.

  6. Measure out three pieces of yarn, two that are the same length, and tie them evenly along a wooden dowel.

  7. Tie the tassels to the other end of the loose yarn.

  8. Cut another longer piece of yarn and tie both ends to the ends of the wooden dowel.

  9. Use Mod Podge or a different white glue to seal the ends of the knots for extra protection (optional).

  10. Hang!