The Do's and Don'ts of Spray Tan

The world of fake tans can be absolutely terrifying. With tanning beds essentially microwaving you from the inside out, spray tans are becoming a much more popular option.  Spray tans have acquired a bit of a stigma though— getting one can either leave you looking like a bronzed goddess, or like you chose to roll around in a bag of Cheetos.  As with anything else, there are steps that can be taken to ensure the best results.  For those trying to avoid Cheeto-Bag-Status, make sure to abide by these do’s and don’ts.

Photo provided by: Kait Howard  

Photo provided by: Kait Howard  




Exfoliate everything the night before// getting rid of as much dead skin as possible is going to help your new glow have the most even coverage.  Shave, buff, and grind away everything that you can.



Go in wearing dark/baggy clothes// bigger is definitely better.  Depending on your level of comfort, it’s actually best to skip the bra and underwear (if you can’t, just avoid sports bras at all costs and try not to wear the straps of the regular bra) and just wear those oversized t-shirts and shorts we all know and love.  Dark colors are better in case some of your color rubs off onto your clothes.



Ask questions// if there’s something you’re unsure of, ask a technician!  It’s their job to ensure you’re satisfied, so take advantage of it. It’s so much better to ask and clarify, than to walk out with orange hands because you weren’t sure where all to apply barrier cream (This may or may not be derived from personal experience…do yourself a favor, just ask).






Moisturize before your tan// while it is true that moisturizing can extend the life of your tan, you only want to moisturize after.  Glopping on lotion before hand will affect the way your tan adheres, and it will dry streaky and uneven.



Shower for 4-6 hours// spray tans aren’t a just apply and go process.  They take time to develop, so even after you’re dry, you’re still getting darker.  There are some accelerated formulas that are designed to let you shower 2 hours after application, but it’s better to just wait it out and be safe.



Sweat or scrub excessively// a spray tan is essentially just a film on top of your skin; so, when you shower, scrubbing away is going to exfoliate those bronzed skin cells.  The same goes for sweating.  Excursions that will make you sweat a lot is going to wear down your color as well, largely reducing the life of your tan.



Now that you know all of these spray tan secrets, you can go out and get that bronzed, babe look of your own!