What to Do in Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, a city in Switzerland, is truly one of the most unique and charming cities in Europe. The atmosphere is one-of-a-kind, ranging from the historic and quaint vibe of “Old Town” to the hustle-and-bustle of the more modern part of the city.  If you happen to be planning a trip to Switzerland any time soon, below are a few suggestions of what to do and see in Lucerne.

Chapel Bridge// the views from the bridges in Lucerne are stunningly spectacular. You can see everything from the peculiar array of old buildings lining the river to the busy streets of the newer area of town.

Bike Riding// riding your bike along the shore of the lake or even through the busy city offers truly magnificent views that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  No need to bring your own bike, though; you can just rent one there.  They offer regular bikes or electric bikes, which make it easier to go up hill.

Lake Cruise// this beautiful excursion takes you through multiple different routes in Lake Lucerne.  Whether you just want to go for an hour or the whole day, this beautiful journey is a guaranteed favorite!

Lion Monument// the lion statue, finished in 1821, was created as a memorial for the Swiss soldiers who died while protecting the French king during the French Revolution.  The statue, made out of sandstone, depicts a dying lion that has been shot.  Under it’s paw is the Fleur di Lis, symbolizing that the Swiss will protect the French till their dying days.  Today, this haunting monument is a must-see in Switzerland.


Chocolate// an obvious must of Switzerland is the chocolate.  There is pretty much a chocolate store everywhere you turn in Switzerland, and for good reason!  The stores offer a very large range of chocolates, from simple milk chocolate bars to peppermint bark to dark chocolate bunnies and so on!  Though all brands are bound to be scrumptious, one piece of advice I can give is: go to Laderach, which is one of the more well known chains.  Yes, I know, if it’s a chain it’s probably not as tasty or authentic, but TRUST ME! It has both variety and a simply amazing flavor that is hard to beat!

Farmer’s Market// every Tuesday and Saturday, start off the day early with a true immersion of Swiss culture.  The market offers a huge variety of product; everything from fruit to flowers to even crafts!

As you can see, you truly can’t go wrong in Lucerne. Whether it is on this list or not, anything you do is bound to be an adventure that you will never forget.