Places to Visit in Dayton, Ohio

Photo provided by Rachel Issler

Photo provided by Rachel Issler

Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation, might seem boring at first, but once you take time to explore and get out of your comfort zone, you can find so much more.  From the Wright Brother’s Museum and Wright Patterson Air Force Base there are tons of other places to explore.

2nd Street Market// a popular spot to explore on a Sunday morning is the 2nd street market downtown, filled with different vendors and sweet treats.  There is always something new whether it’s vendors or artists.  Formally, a train station in 1911, this market features locally grown organic produce and musicians year round.  

The Oregon District// Oregon District is one of the oldest historic districts.  Filled with two popular coffee shops, Ghostlight and Press, you will be sure to find fun latte art.  The Oregon District has all brick roads and the home’s surrounding still give it that old time feel.  The Oregon District is also known for its nightlife and record shops, and the famous “Dayton Inspires Wall” located outside of a unique hat store.  

Yellow Springs and other nature reserves// Yellow Springs is perfect for a warm summer day.  There are hiking and bike riding trails that last for miles.  Nature reserves are a big thing in Ohio.  Some popular reserves are Eastwood Park with a dock and a river or Hills N’ Dales, which is perfect for a shorter hike.

Dayton Art Institute// if you love art, check out the Dayton art Institute! With many new exhibits always coming and going, you can always discover new pieces.