8 Summer Date Ideas Your S.O is Sure to Love

After a the last few weeks of papers, finals, and all around stress, summer is finally here. With calendars finally freed up, there’s plenty of time for social events, and dates are definitely one of them.  Summer is the perfect opportunity to start a new fling or grow on your existing relationships.  Here are a few great summer date ideas your SO is sure to love.

Take a trip to your local zoo// the warm weather means all the animals will be out to play, not to mention when was the last time you went to the zoo?  A day trip with your boy or gal is the perfect time to take lots of Snapchats, get a little exercise, and make memories together.

Find a drive-in movie// drive-in movies are a lost art.  What could beat driving up and sitting in your car to watch a movie outside on a huge screen?  See if there are any near your city and make a date for the next big showing.

Lace up your shoes and go mini-golfing// put on some sunscreen and head out to the green.  Going mini-golfing with your sweetheart is not only a fun little competition between the two of you, but lets you both get outside and goof around together.  Whoever loses has to pay for dinner!

Go hiking // like they say in Up, adventure is out there, and there’s no better way to get out there than hiking through what nature has to offer.  Pack up some water and some trail mix and drive out to some of the best hiking places in your area; and don’t forget to bring a camera along, being up away from everyone is definitely something you’ll want to document.

Pack a classic picnic lunch// we’re talking basket and red-checkered blanket here. Prepare some of your date’s favorites and head out to the park for a picnic lunch.  This is a great early date to get to know someone better and spend time with them.

Go on a mini vacation// live near a lake or a beach?  Take a weekend trip with your date and a few more friends packed with good food and lots of fun.  Make a great playlist, load up your cars, and head to the water for a great time with friends and a special someone.

Have a bonfire night// whether with friends or just one-on-one with your date, a bonfire is a great way to get close to someone.  Go the whole nine yards with marshmallows and cuddle up when the night gets chilly.  This gives you the perfect opportunity for some deep late night talks and to potentially make a move on that certain someone you’ve been crushing on.

Hit up your local fair// cotton candy, carnival games, Ferris wheels. State/county fairs are one of the oldest date ideas in the book, and for a reason.  It’s difficult to think too hard about if you’re saying all the right things or if your hair looks good when you’re playing games and riding rides.  By having fun you can let your guard down and be real with someone you’re interested in, maybe even let them win you a stuffed animal.

Whether you’ve finally worked up the nerve to ask out that cute guy or gal from bio or want to try new things with your long-term sweetheart, summer is the perfect time to do it.  Good luck ladies, and be sure to tweet or Instagram us if you use any of these ideas!