Tips for Surviving Junior Year of High School

As it is infamously known, junior year is no walk in the park.  It is said to be the most pivotal in a student’s high school career, but no pressure, right?  Beyond the immense amount of work, whether its Advanced Placement courses or standardized test preparation, junior year also entails the stress of beginning the college process.  The expectation to exceed (let alone survive) is at its peak and coming out on top- in one piece- is no easy task.  It’s intimidating to comprehend what lies ahead for a rising junior, but rest assured, the survival rate is shockingly high.  Veterans can attend to the fact that yes, junior year is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining.  Sleepless nights, tears, and moments where making it out alive seem near impossible are inevitable.  

All those components aside, accomplishing junior year is one of the most rewarding achievements and as scary as it seems, making it out alive, in one piece, and extremely proud of yourself is very much possible.  Reference the following tips and you are sure to survive junior year.

stay organized// organization will only help to balance out work, studying, and stress.  Utilize a planner for the entirety of the year to remind yourself of important dates and what exactly you need to accomplish.  Have a binder or folder for each class to keep track of documents and notes that will come in handy when test time comes around.

stay proactive// when it comes to papers, projects, and even tests, do not procrastinate.  Make use of free time to get ahead and knock out future work and studying whenever possible.  You won’t feel as overwhelmed and it really helps to study a bit each day rather than waiting till the night before.  Getting stuff done and out of the way is really rewarding and will have you feeling a lot less stressed.

stay positive// amongst the stresses and expectations, it’s so easy to feel discouraged.  When times seem unbearable, maintain a positive attitude and constantly assure yourself of your capabilities.  Don’t drag yourself down when the going gets tough; persevere and keep going all while maintaining a smile.

stay motivated// motivate yourself to get past the rough times.  Don’t let a bad grade discourage you and don’t be too hard on yourself.  Learn from your mistakes and let them motivate you to improve and work even harder next time.  Remind yourself that hard work pays off and keep pushing through no matter the obstacles you face, one hurdle at at time .

stay composed// don’t be afraid to cry.  Let it out when necessary, but assure yourself that everything will be fine.  Having composure amidst moments of high stress will keep you balanced and allow you to focus on what’s important.  Resort to activities that get your mind off of things whether it be practicing yoga, reading, or exercising.