Seven Ways to Meet People in College

Photo by Constance Browne

Photo by Constance Browne

College can be a hectic time.  Between classes, homework and trying to figure out who you are, it’s good to make some friends to help get you through.  Here are a few ways to make friends in your collegiate years.

In a class// it may seem weird to randomly turn to the people sitting next to you and introduce yourself, but it totally pays off!  Not only could you get a study buddy to help you with assignments, but they may just turn into a best friend for life!

On a team// are you really good at golf, or have a sport you love? Try out for the team.  You’ll meet girls of all ages, from all cities, and all walks of life.  When you compete as a team, you act as a team, and your teammates could turn into your family on and off the court.

On your floor// that girl down the hall seems to be really into crocheting and knitting.  Maybe she could teach you a thing or two!  If you keep running into the same people all the time, strike up a conversation and see where it takes you.  The possibilities are endless.

In the parking lot// it isn’t a conventional way of meeting people, but in life unexpected things happen.  One day your car might not start and you’ll need to ask the nearest person to jump it for you.  That could turn into an interesting, “how did you meet?” story.

Volunteering// there are plenty of nonprofit organizations out there in need of help.  Find a charity you like and you might also find a friend.  That will make the work you do even more meaningful if you have a new pal by your side.

Traveling// depending on your situation, this might be expensive, but, what better way to make a friend than to study abroad in a foreign country with them?!  You can rely on each other when you need to be reminded of home.  Chances are, if you are miles away from the people you love, you might just be forced to find new people to be with.

At work// jobs on campus come in all shapes and sizes.  From working in the alumni office, to the library, or cafeteria, there are numerous ways to add friends to your life and skills to your resume.  They might make the work week a little less dreadful and a bit more exciting.

The next time you find yourself in a lonely situation, feeling like you have no one to lean on, just think of these seven opportunities at your fingertips!  No need to be stressed.  The best way to think about it: find something you love and you’ll find others who love it too!