What You Need to Know About the #messyheadeffect

Image provided by: Emma Mercury

Image provided by: Emma Mercury

A 20 year old girl currently living in Los Angeles, California - Emma - is the creator of the popular blog “The Messy Heads.”  She has inspired thousands of girls to talk and open up about real topics.  

 Emma is an inspiration for young girls across the globe.   She projects her positive vibes through her Youtube, Blog, and Instagram.  Emma is passionate, compassionate, and promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle.  On top of all this, Emma creates all the graphics for her blog and t-shirts.

Her closest friends this past month have gone on a road trip through the West Coast setting up discussion/meetups about important real life topics.  They want change and they are doing something about it.  Taking actions and connecting with others. Just listening to Emma speak, you can tell she’s a wise soul.  

The Messy Heads is all about being yourself and being open to adventure.  Being a messy head embodies living an authentic life.   

They aren’t afraid to feel real emotions and to stand up for what is right. To live with acceptance and love is what’s it’s all about.  Accepting that nobody is perfect and it’s better to live freely and messy.

 To be connected with the #messyeffect you can follow their instagram @themessyeffect to connect with groups of like minded girls in your area! Take action to change in the world! #staymessy