Fun Things to do on Vacation

Summer Break has arrived and everyone is exploring the wonderful world we live in.  Vacation lets you escape from the “real world” and enters you into paradise.  Staycation or vacation, nothing can stop you from having fun!

Image provided by:   Carolyn Johnson

Image provided by:  Carolyn Johnson

Take up a new hobby// photography, drawing, yoga, hiking, and surfing are just some of the numerous hobbies to learn or master.  Try something you have always wanted or dreamed about conquering.  When you surround yourself with pastimes you enjoy or learn something new, it produces a happier version of you!  Make monumental memories - - sometimes you can even meet lifelong friends through this process.

Experience the area’s culture// if you are in a place you have never been, taking time to experience the culture is very fun and entertaining.  When in Hawaii, go to a Luai.  When in China, visit the Great Wall of China.  When in Canada, attend a hockey game.  When in Chicago, feast on their infamous deep-dish pizza.  Immerse yourself in the culture of the towns you visit! It will make a positive difference in your trip.  You can also do this by communicating with the people who live in the area you are visiting.  If you are at a local food store, talk to people and try their most popular food.  Getting to know different people can make a huge impact on your life.

Interact with family// if you are on a family vacation, try to use your phone less.  If you find yourself caught up in social media on a regular basis, vacation is the perfect way to disconnect yourself.  Instead of refreshing Instagram every second, go play on the beach with your brother, or, go on a hike with your mom.  These memories will surely last a lifetime.

Try something new on your vacation this summer; go on an adventure and attempt something unfamiliar.  It doesn’t matter if your vacation is near or far, soak up the time you have with your family or friends, and have a blast!