Six Simple Steps to Self-Love

Image provided by: Anna Tselevich

Image provided by: Anna Tselevich

It’s easy to be our own worst critic, but there’s nothing more destructive than beating ourselves up or putting ourselves down.  Here are 6 tips for becoming your own best friend:

Break a sweat a few times a week// exercise goes beyond physical health­­, it’s good for the soul too!  Working your body releases endorphins, or happy chemicals, that improve your mood even after you leave the gym.  Plus, getting yourself strong and in shape will leave you proud and confident in how capable you and your body are.

Positive not perfect// wake up every morning and actively choose to have a good day.  Believe it or not, you have complete control over your own attitude, so make it positive!!  However, accept the little bumps in the road, and the spilled milk, and the rain clouds rather than trying to force your days to be 100% joyful.  Don’t dwell on the bad stuff­ whether it be in your control or not. There is no need to be perfect, just positive!

Do what you love daily// yes, fulfilling responsibilities and completing to­ do lists is important and potentially cathartic; but make sure to balance your time between what you need to do and what you want to do.  Set time aside to dance, to draw, to bake, and to read.  Celebrate and practice your talents and passions and you will feel like a rockstar!

Ditch the pedestal// that girl across the room?  Yeah, she’s pretty­, but not prettier than you.  Do your best to acknowledge that no good comes from idealizing others.  It’s good to empathize with others, and realize that they, just like you, have insecurities.  Hold your head high and validate yourself!  You are just as good as anyone else!

Accept where you’re at// “when I do ___, I’ll be happy”.  WRONG.  There is no clear­-cut path to a perfect life, so stop looking for it!  You’re where you are for a reason.  Allow yourself to be here now and somewhere else later.  Things happen for a reason and life moves in stages.  You do not need to be skinnier, smarter, richer, or anything else to be good enough.

Listen to your gut// get in the habit of checking in with yourself.  When making decisions, be mindful of your instincts and the little voice in your head, and trust it.  You know what is best for you, even when you don’t realize it!  Staying true to yourself and what you really want will make you feel more confident and in control.