The Perfect Packing List for Your Adventurous Vacation

If you’re going on an outdoorsy vacation this summer, make sure to get prepared so your time is spent adventure-seeking rather than scrambling to find something you forgot.  Below is everything you will need if your vacation will be a little less serene and a little more packed with action.

Photo provided by Carrie Carlisle

Photo provided by Carrie Carlisle

A Water Bottle// a fun and colorful plastic bottle to fill up each morning lessens waste and is more convenient for you to bring along.  You won’t have to buy a new one everyday and you’ll need to stay hydrated, so multiple refills will be in order.

A Cute Baseball Hat// you’re in luck this summer, because baseball caps are trending. They’re perfect for a long day out and are a great addition to your outfit.  Plus, you can save your skin from the sun a bit more.

Sunscreen for your Face// your hat may not be enough to protect your face from the harsh summer sun, so be sure to pick up some sunscreen specially made for your face.  No matter your budget, find a sunscreen designed for your face so it won’t clog your pores or make you break out.

Inexpensive Sunglasses// stores like Forever 21 sell the cutest sunglasses for under seven dollars.  Bring some with you so you don’t lose or break the ones you value more.

Charging Phone Case// your phone is bound to run out of battery quickly on a trip-- snapping photos all day takes a lot out of it!  Plus, travelling in an unfamiliar place, you’ll want your phone always on just in case.  A charging case will keep your phone (and your Snapchat) going all day long.

Remember to check out these tips when packing for your vacation… but if you’re not going away, these essentials are helpful for any all-day adventure.