Beating the Binge

By Hannah Mason and Louisa Fowler

Binge eating: a major enemy of the average person.  So many fall victim to it each day.  Whether it be a box of cookies or a bag of chips, it can get very hard to resist the urge for “just” one more bite… but let’s get one thing straight: there is NOTHING wrong with enjoying delicious treats here and there, but when your indulgences go from everything in moderation to everything in the kitchen, it’s time to pause and think.  What’s the point of overeating? After all, doesn’t it just make us feel sick?

There are three things to keep in mind when beating the binge: moderation, planning, and snacking.

Moderation// compromise with yourself.  If you know that you can't fight the need to binge completely, set aside portions that will fill you up, but not make you sick.  Our bodies WANT balance, and in order to achieve balance, they need a little bit of everything­ healthy or otherwise. Therefore, unless you have an allergy or restriction, try to eat a little bit of everything.  However, binge eating isn't all bad.  Sometimes you just need a night in with a tub of ice cream, and that's ok.  We've all been there.  It's just how often we binge that can hurt us.  Know your limit and act

Planning// here’s to all the nervous eaters, the anxiety eaters, the ‘I’ve had a bad day, I’m going to eat a pint of ice cream’ eaters.  Binging can also be a result of eating not because we are hungry, but because we’re experiencing intense emotions.  Planning out your meals for the day in the morning can help you feel calm, secure, and in control of your food intake, as well as taking the random splurges out of the picture.

Snacking// know whether or not you actually need a snack or are just bored.  Many people simply enjoy the physical act of eating. If you can relate to this, try breaking big meals up into smaller snacks and eating smaller portions more frequently rather than large portions less frequently.  Eating healthy snacks between each meal of the day can decrease the urge to binge.  Keeping your body filled with the right foods such as fruits and veggies is the best way to go.  Also, drink a lot of water.  Staying hydrated will help keep you filled and lessen cravings.

Pro Tip: When you're feeling a craving for something sweet, grab an orange or something with natural sugar in it to stay satisfied.

Ultimately, food is essential to fueling and nourishing our bodies, so it’s imperative that we keep our relationship with food happy and healthy. Remember not to beat yourself up over food and to enjoy the food you eat and the way it makes you feel!