Cherish The Moment: How to Make The Best of Your High School Experience

Image provided by: Carly June

Image provided by: Carly June

High school gets a notoriously bad rep; it’s like the annoying little sibling that is always trying to pretend to be Big Sister College. While it may not be the freedom that everyone craves, there is so much about high school that is worth enjoying. ACTs and GPAs and the rest of the alphabet soup are stressful, but it is 100% possible to have a great time in high school, because it is 100% what you make of it. Try some of these to get you going



— Go to Athletic Events

            THERE IS A WHOLE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATED TO NOTHING OF ACADEMIC RELEVANCE. Take advantage of this! Get together with some friends, don your school colors, and go cheer on your team. It’s so much fun to feel apart of the team’s success, and school pride is so under rated.


— Start or Join a club

            Sock of the Month Club, Hiking Club, Anime Club, The Blogger Bunch, EmpowHer, and many many more are just a few things that my high school has to offer. There is seriously something for everyone. And if there isn’t? Start it! It’s so satisfying to have a group of like-minded people to surround yourself with.


— Participate in the Cheesy Stuff

            Remember in elementary school when penny wars was a full blown battle? That’s because it was FUN. That doesn’t have to die off just because we’re older now. Go all out for spirit weeks and fundraisers and pep rallies. It will be some of your fondest memories looking back.


— There is Nothing Cool About Being Too Cool for School Dances

            At some point in time a stigma began to surround school dances and it’s baffling. Dressing up like a princess and dancing it out to great (okay maybe not great but still fun) music? Sign us up!


— Develop Relationships with Teachers

            These are people that you are going to be seeing every single day. These are people that are going to control your grade. Most importantly, more often that not these are people that genuinely care about you. Building relationships with them means all the world when you’re having a terrible day and know that you can pop into that teachers classroom for a couple minutes knowing you have someone there for you.



            This one is definitely the most important. By the time you are in high school, it’s safe to say you have a pretty good concept of what works for you and what doesn’t. DO what you know you’ll enjoy, regardless of the opinions of others. There is no reason to hinder your high school experience for the sake of opinions belonging to people you will never see again after your four years. The people will come and go, but the memories last. Make your memories for YOU.