Senior Picture Clothing Tips

For the class of 2017, senior pictures are right around the corner.  Everyone wants the perfect pictures… but how can you achieve that flawless look?  First you have to pick the perfect outfit.  Here are some tips so you can pick the perfect pieces to display your personality and ways to help your session go smoothly.

Photo provided by Rachel Issler

Photo provided by Rachel Issler

Love how you look in every outfit// this should be an obvious one.  Don’t try to be someone you are not.  Find things that you are confident in.  The way you feel in your clothing will definitely translate in the pictures – make sure you are happy!

It is better to choose solid colors// unless you are dead set on a pattern, it is better to avoid them. Distracting patterns draw the eye of the viewer from the subject to the clothing.

Make sure your clothing looks nice// you may not think your shirt is wrinkly, but it probably is.  It’s always best to run an iron over all your clothes before hand.  High quality cameras usually pick up all wrinkles – and you don’t want that!  Also, carry along a tide stick just incase!

Bring more outfits than recommended// a girl always needs her options!  If you have a 5 outfit session pack 7!  This way the photographer can help you pick what is best for the shoot.  You always have a better feel for what you want to wear after you find out what you have gotten yourself into.

Mix it up// don’t just pack a bunch of different jeans and tops.  Throw in a dress, a cute skirt, or a pair of shorts.  Bring fun accessories and shoes.  This way, you can try a variety of things and get many different photos.