What You Need to Know When Applying to College

Image provided by: Cam Fuoti

Image provided by: Cam Fuoti

While summer just started, college application season is quickly approaching. Even though you may think you have what seems like forever to get them turned in, you will most likely find yourself on a time crunch as the due date nears.  Follow these tips (or bookmark them for later) to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and get a head start on your college applications!

Start (and finish) your applications before school starts// sure, the application isn’t due until November or December, but getting it done early will relieve a lot of stress as the due date nears.  When you have to start dealing with classes starting up again, sports, homecoming, and all the other fun activities that come with the new school year it’s too easy to procrastinate your college applications.

Make a schedule once all of the applications are released// having all of your due dates and deadlines mapped out will give you a clear idea of what’s due when and what needs to be prioritized.

It will take longer than you anticipate// because the essay section of college applications is the main way to differentiate you from the other applicants, this is what you will spend the most time perfecting.  It’s important to schedule time to read over your essays a few times.  Also, make sure you have a few other people read them-- a fresh pair of eyes will always catch something you weren’t able to!

Ask your teachers to write recommendations ASAP// every senior at your high school will get to the point in their application when they need a letter of recommendation at about the same time as you, and go in asking for one, or procrastinate until a few weeks before the due date.  If you get going on these recommendations at the very beginning of the school year, you are less likely to be turned away by a teacher.  Also, if you ask early, teachers won’t be tired of writing so many recommendation letters, so, they will most likely write something better and more personal.