Vegan Fast Food Options


It seems like the words "vegan" and "fast food" shouldn’t be next to each other, but even at places like Burger King, there are options for any vegan or vegetarian (besides salad).  Salads can become boring, and at fast food places, many are just as high calorie as their signature burger.  With some creativity, it's not hard to find something healthy and vegan on the menu.




Wendy's// order a baked potato with chives, and be sure to ask for no sour cream. With no oil, this filling option is delicious.  If you're not feeling the baked potato, try a veggie wrap with your favorite condiments, which is basically a burger without the meat.  Last but not least, their fries are vegan too if you want something a little indulgent.

Domino's Pizza// their gluten free crust contains honey, but their thin crust is vegan friendly. Just add your favorite toppings, and you have a yummy pizza.

McDonald's// first of all, their fries are most definitely not vegan because the oil they cook the fries in come from animal products; but, for breakfast, try their bagels or oatmeal, and an espresso with a hazelnut or caramel drizzle.  For lunch or dinner, similar to Wendy's, you can customize a burger or wrap since their hamburger buns are vegan.  Add some Chipotle BBQ sauce or Sweet N' Sour Sauce for some flavor on your customized order!

Burger King// there are less options here, but they still have fruit and maple oatmeal for breakfast and also apple fries.  Thankfully, their fries are vegan.

Jimmy Johns// their bread is not vegan friendly, but just get an unwich lettuce wrap instead.  Fill it with their #6 The Veggie without the cheese and mayo and you're all set!  All of their chips are vegan except for the salt and vinegar flavor, so you still have plenty of options.

Taco Bell// they seem to have the most options with their pico de gallo, guac, mexican rice, beans, and their black bean burrito.  You can customize whatever you'd like and still have it be vegan and delicious.